We welcome nominations from members of the university community and the public.  No announcement will be made concerning individuals nominated, and all nominations will be treated as confidential.

Nominations must provide evidence that the candidate's qualifications are deeply grounded in a career of scholarship, research, creative activity, service to humanity, or other profession consistent with the academic endeavors of the University.  The evidence should address: the nominee's specific contributions; why these contributions are exceptionally meritorious; and how these contributions are relevant to the University's academic endeavors.


March - The nomination process opens every March for 30 days. 

May - After careful consideration, the Chancellor's Honorary Degree Committee forwards several nominees to the Chancellor for consideration.

October - The Chancellor submits the nominees to the Board of Regents for Approval. 

May - The Honorees are honored at the University of Kansas Commencement.


Confidentiality is crucial to the nomination process to protect the nominee from disappointment and embarrassment. The nominee must not be informed of her or his nomination; proposers must not seek outside letters in support of the nomination. Following an initial review of all nominations, the committee may request additional information from proposers in support of nominees selected for further consideration.

Regents Policy

Kansas Board of Regents policy states that an honorary degree shall not be awarded for philanthropic activity or service to the University or the State of Kansas, nor conferred upon any faculty member, administrator, or other official associated with the University until at least five years after such individual has been separated from the institution, nor conferred upon any holder of a Kansas elected or appointed public office until at least five years after such individual has vacated office.

While alumni of the University of Kansas should not be excluded from consideration, the university will continue to recognize distinguished alumni contributions by many other awards.